Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

The following tips will help you avoid the painful, red, itchy stuff and take good care of your face and your birthday suit (even in a hot, steamy, southern summer).
Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is definitely here and hopefully, you’re having loads of fun. But if you’re not careful, just when it’s hot enough to show some skin, you will end up with sunburn, rashes, and bites. The following tips will help you avoid the painful, red, itchy stuff and take good care of your face and your birthday suit (even in a hot, steamy, southern summer).

Drink Up!

And no, we aren’t recommending (too many) margaritas. We’re recommending at least 64 ounces of H2O per day. That’s 8 8-oz glasses of water a day. You can do it if you put your mind to it, and the overall texture of your skin will thank you for it.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

If you want soft, healthy skin, and to avoid premature aging, get a sunscreen that works with your skin. Look for a broad spectrum brand, SPF 30 or above, that blocks both harmful UVA and UVB rays. And make sure you select a waterproof product. Choose a lotion if you want an overall good product for the family or learn how to choose sunscreen for individual skin types.

If you do get a sunburn, break out the aloe and the apple cider vinegar for a quick natural remedy. Use a good moisturizer to help prevent peeling, and stay out of the sun until you heal.

Keep Your Skin Clean and Fresh

During the summer months, especially here in the south, our skin can get sticky, oily, and dirty the moment we step outside. High humidity and sweat make it really difficult to feel and look fresh. And it can cause breakouts and blackheads. It’s important to cleanse and exfoliate daily, plus take along a spritzer or some facial cleansing wipes for a quick touch-up. Since chemicals can be harmful, take time to learn about natural, paraben-free skincare. You’ll find some great recipes here for natural, homemade facial spritzers to help moisturize and freshen your skin while you’re on the go.

When Bitten, Don’t Scratch

Insect bites and rashes from poisonous plants are one aspect of summer life we would all like to avoid. But prevention without spraying heavy, potentially harmful chemicals on your body and around your home is difficult. 

We did a little research and found the following tips on insect repellents that are safe for the littles. There are plant-based products that contain lemon eucalyptus, or citronella combined with essential oils that are said to be safer than chemicals. These products may be the key to keeping the bugs away without the poison, and to protecting your skin.

Bee stings are usually painful, though harmless in most cases. If you get stung by a bee, there’s a home remedy for that as well. It’s important to remove the stinger quickly with your fingernail or a credit card. If you have mint or bee balm growing nearby, the square stem can also be used to scrape away the stinger. If you’re allergic to bees, you’ll need to seek treatment as quickly as possible. 

If you come in contact with poisonous plants, such as poison ivy, or poison oak, it’s important to scrub, scrub, scrub immediately. Use a very good cleanser that cuts through oil without harming the skin such as dawn dishwashing liquid. You can also rinse in rubbing alcohol or apple cider vinegar. If a breakout occurs, a good allergy medicine can help the symptoms. 

But What About the Itchy Skin?

Don’t scratch it. Scratching can cause irritation, infection, and even scarring. Try calamine lotion, rubbing alcohol, or anti-itch cream to stop the itch. Again, allergy medicine can help tremendously, IF you can take it without reactions. Keep the bite or breakout clean and keep your fingernails away from the area. 

If you cannot help it, rub the area with a moist paper towel to relieve the itching, then toss it. Ice packs can also help or even a lukewarm or cool shower.

You can prevent scarring from a serious insect bite with aloe, and by exfoliating the area after it has healed. 

When Is It Time to Get Help?

If you have a severe sunburn or an allergic reaction to insect bites and bee stings, seek treatment right away. At this point, it’s not just about your epidermis! It’s about what’s inside. Braselton Urgent Care is here for you and ready to help you take care of the immediate problem and we can help you prevent permanent damage to your skin!


These are great tips, but not to be taken as medical advice. Consult your physician or stop by for a consultation with one of our providers if you have specific skin conditions, allergies, etc., that need to be addressed.



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